Sometimes you just have to embrace the Monday blues and move on. Tomorrow’s an all new Tattoosday! 

Way to make it to the weekend, folks. 


"There’s something that’s haunting and sad about this one, and I find that beautiful." - Dave Navarro on the work of Julia Carlson.

Doug “the Rhino” Marshall + Brett Cooper = one epic knockout. Catch Marshall face off against Melvin Manhoef tonight at 9/8c. 


"This is my favorite tattoo of the night." - Dave Navarro on the work of Cleen Rock One.

In celebration of National Cheeseburger Day, we dedicate this #tbt to past Frankenfood burger creations. May they taste as good as they look (but how could they not?!) 


National Cheeseburger Day is one of those “holidays” we can totally get behind - here are some of our favorite #Frankenfood burger creations. Go ahead and drool, it’s okay. 

A close up of Jason Clay Dunn and Erik Siuda’s tattoos from this week’s Ornamental Elimination challenge. Erik took this one home for the win, but you can vote for your favorite here

Even Jimmy Fallon is talking about #TUT


Jimmy and Julianna Margulies are the best morning announcement duo 7 years running!


Yet another strong showing for Joshua Hibbard in the latest elimination tattoo.

Go ahead and believe your eyeballs - these Rival fist bumps actually happened during last night’s Ink Master Flash Challenge. Check out next week’s Flash Challenge to see if the love continues.