"Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels continued his rampage of awesome last night on IMPACT by rocking this amazing "I’m a John Byrne Guy" t-shirt on live television.

Life imitates art. URBANTARZAN is basically Hellboy this Tuesday.

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TNA wrestler Christopher Daniels pins down the comics and wrestling connection

Inside the ring, he’s half of a “Bad Influence.” Outside of it, HE IS A TOTAL DORK. Hence, that picture above: real. Not photoshopped.

Oh, also this:

Read EW’s interview with Christopher Daniels to find out why he’s one of our favorite people, period.

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Freddy Krueger is one of OUR 15 FAVORITE MCFARLANE TOYS (Spike.com)

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Breakdancin’ Vibe!

(via The Most Valuable & Least Valuable Justice League Team Members Of All Time | SPIKE)

One of our resident nerds says Aquaman not only isn’t completely useless, he’s one of the most valuable members of the team.


(Actually it makes a lot of sense. Read more in the link above!)


10 Films We’d Like to See Remade or Rebooted

They’re doing a Gremlins remake, which sort of makes us cringe. But there are actually some films that could - if not should - receive the remake/reboot treatment. Here are our picks for the top ten.


The first trailer for Man of Steel is now up on YouTube. 

We’re excited, particularly for Boardwalk Empire’s Michael Shannon as Zod.


Our GT video game brother Geoff Keighley joins us to break down VGA 10, which airs LIVE tonight at 9p ET / 6p PT on Spike and X-Box Live!

Plus: Katie talks to producers of The Legend of Zelda: Symphonic Goddesses, a new touring production that  combines the legendary music from the franchise with original arrangements into a four-movement symphony.

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NEW EPISODE! Katie brought us a special report from the New York Comic Con at the Javits Center last weekend and scored an interview with Robert Kirkman.

Yes, THAT Robert Kirkman, the guy who’s written for Marvel, creator of Invincible, and also…what’s that other thing? Oh yeah, THE WALKING DEAD.

PLUS: Katie walks the floor with $100. UH OH.

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