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We were the exclusive broadcaster for this year’s E3! Miss any of our ‘round the clock coverage? Check out highlights and more here:


A reminder that Spike is the official broadcaster of E3 and our coverage continues today, live from Los Angeles.

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E3 Live 2013 | Game Trailers Coverage E3 2013

Spike and GTTV are teaming up for E3 coverage and we are now LIVE!

With next-gen console reveals coming for the first time in nearly a decade, this is gearing up to be the biggest E3 ever.

The PS4! Xbox One! Hot titles! PS Vita news! World exclusives! 

We’ll be going straight on through until late tonight, then coming back for more tomorrow!


Zachary Levi and his NERD MACHINE crew ask the ultimate question. What are you nerdy about? E3 starts tomorrow.

(Source: ) Editor-In-Chief Stephen Totilo breaks down the biggest rumors of the upcoming 2012 Electronic Entertainment Expo and comic book writer Dan Slott gives us an exclusive first-look at the pages of Amazing Spider-Man.