Buckle up, new episodes of COPS arrive this Saturday. 

One chef leaves the Hungry Investors speechless on a new episode tonight at 9/8c. See a preview.

Elayne Duff shows you how to make a proper old fashioned. See how it’s done here. Cheers!

The hot topic of the night was Dunbar vs. Nunez. But in the interest of moving on, let’s take a moment to recognize exactly how incredible Oliver Peck’s face was as soon as Kyle realized who really labeled his cover up approach from episode 7 as insane.

Looks like Myron is at it again. Don’t miss a new Catch A Contractor tonight at 10/9 after Bar Rescue. 

It’s X-Men tattoo night and Hugh Jackman is ready to guest judge! Needless to say, the artists were excited! New Ink Master tonight at 10/9c. See a preview here.

Jon Taffer has seen it all on Bar Rescue, but he’s never walked out before. Heck, he even tried to help the pirates. There’s a first time for everything, find out why #TafferWalks tonight at 9/8c. Preview the episode here.

Let it be known, the challenge was consistency; not placement. See the geometric elimination tattoo.

Last night on Ink Master, spiders and scorpions made an appearance in the flash challenge. Everyone was thrilled. Watch the full episode.  

Things got weird on Tattoo Nightmares last night. Thankfully, Big Gus, Tommy and Jasmine always have your back!