This settles the debate, ninjas are real. 

Criminals: they really are that dumb. Enjoy a COPS classic.

Shoplifting might have seemed like a good idea before this guy knew who was waiting outside. New COPS Saturdays at 8/7c.

Buckle up, new episodes of COPS arrive this Saturday. 

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Elayne Duff shows you how to make a proper old fashioned. See how it’s done here. Cheers!

The hot topic of the night was Dunbar vs. Nunez. But in the interest of moving on, let’s take a moment to recognize exactly how incredible Oliver Peck’s face was as soon as Kyle realized who really labeled his cover up approach from episode 7 as insane.

Looks like Myron is at it again. Don’t miss a new Catch A Contractor tonight at 10/9 after Bar Rescue. 

It’s X-Men tattoo night and Hugh Jackman is ready to guest judge! Needless to say, the artists were excited! New Ink Master tonight at 10/9c. See a preview here.

Jon Taffer has seen it all on Bar Rescue, but he’s never walked out before. Heck, he even tried to help the pirates. There’s a first time for everything, find out why #TafferWalks tonight at 9/8c. Preview the episode here.