Way to make it to the weekend, folks. 

Doug “the Rhino” Marshall + Brett Cooper = one epic knockout. Catch Marshall face off against Melvin Manhoef tonight at 9/8c. 

Go ahead and believe your eyeballs - these Rival fist bumps actually happened during last night’s Ink Master Flash Challenge. Check out next week’s Flash Challenge to see if the love continues. 

How does IMPACT WRESTLING’s Ken Anderson stay in prime wrestling shape? With this endurance routine: http://bit.ly/1rMWzxc

A strong core is vital in IMPACT WRESTLING. Here’s how Ken Anderson stays ring ready

Ken Anderson shows you how to get an IMPACT WRESTLING approved upper body. These are his go-to moves. 

Hold on tight, new episodes of COPS arrive this Saturday.

If someone gets sick when Jon Taffer is in the building, he’s going to SHUT IT DOWN! 

There was the brutal and the delicious tonight on Frankenfood. Deep dish pizza and a Chicago dog was a big time win!

Jon Taffer counted down his top 10 most disgusting bars. Needless to say, his reactions along the way were legendary.