We’re sailing on into the weekend ‘cause IT’S FRIDAY. 

Tattoo by Jason Clay Dunn, Julia Carlson and Mark Longenecker. 


TBT: A beauty by Sausage.

We’re hoping our inner compass leads us to Friday. 

Jackass 3D starts now, followed by Jackass 3.5. We bet Johnny Knoxville wished he had a pair of mantlers during filming to protect that noggin of his. 


Our wonderful host Dave Navarro is always a prolific live tweeter, and last night may have been his strongest outing to date. We learned (and laughed) a lot. Dave, you do have what it takes to be Twitter Master! Alright meow, go on and read some of his finer Tattoosday revealings. 

The “Julia Goolia” tweet is our favorite. 


The winning tattoo by Josh, Emily and Angel!

That’s one pretty gypsy.  

Lined up and ready to go -  a new Ink Master Rivals starts now. 

The skulls are ready and ripe for picking.

A new episode of Ink Master is headed your way starting at 10/9c, followed by Tattoo Nightmares Miami at 11/10c. 


Fun lil watercolor jammer. Love these! Reese@itsreese.com #sandiego #luckystattooparlor #watercolortattoo #watercolorflower #flowertattoo #blueflower #tattooartist #tattoo #inked #ink #crazytattoos #funshit #art #reesespeanutbuttercups #reesehilburn #tattoonightmaresmiami #colortattoo

Loving the beautiful blues in this tattoo from Tattoo Nightmares Miami artist, Reese Hilburn. Tonight she’s faced with another watercolor request on a new episode at 11/10c. 

Things are about to go off at Bellator 128, live at 9/8c.