Happy Batman Day!

Happy Tattoosday! Here’s a classic from S03 Ink Master, Joey Hamilton.

You had us at pulled pork s’more! New Frankenfood tonight at 10/9c. 

Samuel L. Jackson + Star Wars LEGO = quite possibly the best selfie from Comic Con last year. SDCC 2014 is almost here! Find out how you can Control The Con.

What’s in this Halloween inspired cheesecake? For starters, 24 different candy bars. See this Frankenfood get constructed in the kitchen.

Angry Ralph’s Lobster Mac and Cheese makes tummies happy with its Cheetos topping, white chocolate, Irish Whisky, white wine and tomato combo. See the dish get made.  

Needless to say, Chef Capon was very excited he wasn’t being served real monkey brains.

Order up! Frankenfood is all new tonight at 10/9c. 

Hold on tight, new episodes of COPS arrive this Saturday.

Ever had a taco with a pork sausage and bacon shell? See what chefs Josh Capon and Tony Luke Jr. think about it on a new Frankenfood tonight at 10/9c.