Last night on Ink Master, spiders and scorpions made an appearance in the flash challenge. Everyone was thrilled. Watch the full episode.  

Things got weird on Tattoo Nightmares last night. Thankfully, Big Gus, Tommy and Jasmine always have your back!

Last week on Tattoo Nightmares…

It doesn’t get any better tonight. Catch a new episode right now. 

Some made a strong first impression last week, others seek redemption. A new Ink Master starts now!

There’s only two words to say when a guy walks in with a tribal tramp stamp. 

See how Tommy covered it up. 

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Previously, on Ink Master

Tattoo Rescue's Sammy The Builder Will Put A Hammer Through Your F***ing Window

You’re gonna get it.

Big ups to Mike Mason for his Motocross Speed & Style gold medal win at this weekend’s X-Games in Munich!

Our Playbook 360 host Dhani Jones caught up with Mike while he was touring with the Nuclear Cowboys and prepping for the games. Check it out in the video above.